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A Billion-Dollar Revolution


Avg Monthly Gain


Avg Monthly Gain

In 2020 Alone, The Copy Trading Method Generated Over $50 Billion In Profits. Looking Ahead, This Figure Is Projected To Grow Significantly, Reaching Up To $80 Billion By 2025.

The Certified TOP Traders

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Verified Trading Performance

At the MBFX copy trading platform, all traders you encounter are verified through a ranking and PNL mechanism, trusted by thousands of investors you can copy at your fingertips.

How Does It Work


Open an account with MBFX GLOBAL and explore the world of copy trading with some of the best traders in the markets


Assess a fund managers’ portfolios based on factors such as performance, stability, return on investment (ROI), and profit and loss (PnL)


Select a fund manager whose risk profile and investment objectives align with your own.


Connect your account and allow them to share their trading strategy and profits withyou.

A Solution for

We've created a platform that caters to both followers and fund managers, making it easy for everyone to EARN. Whether you're following a strategy or managing funds, we're here to help you optimize income and glean the latest market trends in seconds. With us, you get access to thousands of instruments and trade like PRO.